The newest version of Bohrium (v0.2) does not support Windows. Bohrium on Windows only supports the much older version 0.1. We are working on a new windows version but for now, we do not recommend using Bohrium on windows.

The follow explains how to get Bohrium installed on Windows. Note that only 64bit Windows is supported by the Bohrium binaries (the NumCIL binaries are 32bit and 64bit compatible).

You also need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Runtime installed.

Building from source

You need to install either Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 or Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010.

You also need Python 2.7 installed to run the build script.

You then need to download and extract the source code.

Once you have Visual C, Python 2.7 and the source go to a command prompt, and change to the folder where the source is installed:

cd Downloads\bohrium

And set the environment to x64 and build it:

SetEnv.cmd /Release /x64
python build


The Bohrium NumPy module does not currently build under Windows, so you will get an error at the end.

You can then use the binaries from the locations, or build a package:

cd misc

If you had 7zip installed, you should now have a file called, otherwise you can access the files from the Bohrium-release folder.

Building latest version from source (does not work)

These are notes of trying to get the latest Bohrium version running on Windwos 7 64-bit. It did not succeed, first build-issue is the use “sys/mman.h” which is Linux specific.

Download and install the following prerequisites, in order:

Python, Cmake, Visual Studio and Visual C++ for Python 2.7 are no-fuss installation install-wizards.

Boost, SWIG, and HWLOC require a couple of manual steps.

Cython, and NumPy should be installed via pip after installing everything else.

Boost, download and install boost to C:\boost, it is around 200MB and consumes about 3GB once installed. After the installation-wizard has run, set the following env-var:

SET BOOST_LIBRARYDIR=C:\boost\lib64-msvc-12.0

SWIG, unpack the archive and extend %PATH% to include it:




To verify that it is available.

HWLOC, currently Visual Studio does not have sufficient support for OpenMP so getting HWLOC installed is not relevant until the OpenMP issue is resolved.

Cython, and NumPy install these via pip:

pip install cython numpy

With these things in place it is possible to start the Build of Bohrium. However, as noted, it does not build due to various portability issues.